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copy of O.S. SPEED MT03 Exhaust Manifold Assembly 1/10 72106550
MR03-WC exhaust manifold is newly developed for 1/8 on-road use.It is an exhaust manifold used by Shoki Takahata who won the 1/8 on-road racing world championship in 2019.The outer appearance is laser-processed with the crown mark and MR03 characters.As a result, a variation for on-road has been added to the lineup *MR01, MR02, MR03-WC.* MR01 is no longer available as stock   Difference from exhaust manifold MR02MR02 is specialized in the low speed rangeMR03(WC) is designed so that it can be connected smoothly from low speed to high speed and is easy to handle. At the World Championship, it was a combination with TR01 EFRA2098 (T-2080), but the combination with TR02 released recently is also recommended since it gives you a different feeling.